GWC Fall 2021 Project Showcase

Scratch Match

Melanie, Audrey

Test your knowledge about Pokemon, food, and movies in this trivia game!

GWC Spring 2021 Project Showcase

Toeheeni Discord Bot

Shamiya, Victoria

Github Repository

Toeheeni is a Discord bot that conducts polls, delivers inspirational quotes and pickup lines, and roasts users.

Technovation Girls 2021


Shamiya, Makaila, Nicole, Kelly

Learn about American culture and connect with other students through curated videos and real-life conversation. Cultura is a mobile application targeted towards immigrant students between the ages of 13-22 that are currently adjusting to culture and student life in the United States of America (USA).


Ella, Unyime, Victoria Zhang

Tulip is an app that allows its users to learn about periods and female puberty through animated videos and articles.

The Tulip app has been continued as The Tulip Project.